The Logic Of The Heart - One Day Course in Dartington

 Overcome low self-esteem, share in real techniques for silencing self-criticism, overthinking and learn practical methods that stimulate self-worth.


25th March, 10am - 4pm
Blacklers, 16
Park Road, Dartington, TQ9 6EQ

Cost £100

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You are here for a reason



You have been feeling like you don't connect with people and want to hold space and compassion for others in their sufferings. You want to be able to fully act on your intuitive ability but don't know how to trust it. You want to drop old patterns of behaviour but find it challenging and need practices to know how to make the transition.  

You have so much more potential, and you know it. But my guess, because you are here, is that you know that and you are ready for it to all change!

One thing is certain...


The Logic of the Heart one day course can change your life.

One day course in Totnes, The Logic of the Heart 


Full of practical ways to re-engage compassion in your life.

Module One

What is a holistic human being?

Gain a fuller understanding of a holistic human being so you can understand why you react in certain ways. You'll discover how to distinguish your habitual and understand how to change them.

Module Two

How to develop your Will Power

Understand how your will power dictates your life so you can change your life for the better. You'll discover how to boost your will power and create effective change.

Module Three

Strengthening your Love

Learn about the three types of Love; Self Love, Love of Others and Love of the World. Increase your capacity for giving Love. You'll discover how to Love and accept yourself and create a loving environment for others.

Module Four


Learn how your intuition works. Understand when your intuition is being effected by your subconscious so you can tell when you can rely on it . You'll discover how to enhance your intuitive ability and exercise it, so you can learn to trust it.

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Hi, I'm Colin.

I had spent many years working in drug development- real science based investigation, when I reached a crisis point- what was the real point to life?

I started investigating living a more Spiritual Life and it soon became clear that the most fundamental aspect of Living is in our relationships with other people. Further, with all the problems we have in our lives, we need greater creativity and ideas to find good solutions to our problems. So I spent decades learning how to increase your ability to be Compassionate and further your Intuition, enhancing your potential for new ideas.

So if you are feeling offtrack and don't know how to connect any more, I have poured my experience into the course, The Logic of the Heart,  to help you achieve the loving flexible Life you deserve.

This is why I would love for you to join, The Logic of the Heart.

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