The Tools You Need To Deal With Cancer

This course offers training in how to increase your positivity, will power, support and gives frameworks in how to make those crucial decisions. 



My name is Colin Andrew Brown and I am now back to full health after being diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

I want to reveal to you exactly how I did it.

For the extraordinary thing for you to know is that it is not just your physical health that you need to work on, but you need to gain the mental attitude to move forward. Cancer is as much about what goes on in your head as it is about what happens in your body. 

It is what one medical professional said to me, a spiritual journey.

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Getting cancer is like getting sucked into a black hole full of sludge.

Everything is dark, heavy and you don’t have a clue what is happening and where you are going. The sludge wears you down and powerlessness sets in.

You want to take back control and find how you can move yourself forward and through this crisis and pain. I did it. So can you.

It takes mental activity to regain your sense of purpose, strength and direction.

I learnt a lot and today you can share and benefit from my findings.

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What I will share with you:


Module 1 - Positive Attitude!

In Module 1 you will learn some deep aspects of Appreciation, using these techniques to build up a sense of positivity to carry you forward.


Module 2 - Will Power.

Learn what will power can do for you, how to use it and not lose it and how to strengthen it, now!


Module 3 - Mental Attitude will change your outlook.

So how do you get a shift in your mental attitude in challenging times? Resetting your Mental Attitude will change your outlook.


Module 4 - Decision Making!

Decision Making is what you will be confronted with, so how do you rescue this and make the decisions to best get the outcomes you want?


Module 5 - Support

A solid support structure is what will support you, inside the course you will find outlined what it is all about.

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Kind Words

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Monika Bernegg

“Colin strikes me through his gift to see me on a deeper level, and he is able to lend a helping hand in finding a way out of entangled situations.”


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Verena Metzger

"Colin has offered me many valuable insights. I owe the fact that I have continued on this path of personal development and transformation despite all difficulties and obstacles to Colin’s encouragement and the inspiration he has been and still is for me."

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Bev Wong

Yesterday I came away from my perfect day seminar and mini workshop to help me deal with stress in my life. After reflecting on the day and it’s contents I realize that I came away with so much more. It was truly priceless!

Stress Course Participant



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Amanda Bellamy

I found the day opened my mind to understand how I can look after myself better in realistic, real and practical simple ways. I know that I will use many of the tips and techniques in my daily life to reduce my feelings of stress even when I am in stressful situations. This will give me energy to do the things that give me even more energy. A different energy circle will play in my life!

Stress Course Participant

Getting Through Those Difficult Times

I put everything I learnt into an online video course, full of practical examples and helpful downloads, to give you a really useful way of getting through the worst crisis of your life.

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This is your rock, how to have a central calm point, so you can face every challenge, every day.

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Will Power

Understand your will power and how to use that to create real change.

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Mental Attitude

In the face of everything you are being confronted with, your attitude gets you through.

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Decision Making

Structure your thinking so you can better understand what you want and how to get it.

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Learn about the important of nurturing support for yourself and those around you.

Receive knowledge and guidance from someone who has been where you are right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Back Control

It took mental activity to regain my sense of purpose, strength and direction.


Today, 25th March 2020, we are now in lockdown in the U.K. This is a stressful time for everyone and makes cancer patients lives even more difficult. To help you, the price of the course is changed to just

$20 + VAT.

That's less than the price of a round of drinks in London.

Alternatively, you are most welcome to join my test group. You get free access to the course and give me feedback on what you liked, what you did not like, if you stopped, where you stopped. A testimonial would be just great! Send an email to [email protected] with your name on it and you will be given access.

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