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Shift your life toward more joy, peace, happiness, and purpose.


Have you been coasting through life feeling like the hamster on the wheel, suffering in silence, until a catastrophe hit?

Here at Hearthought we show what it means to live a spiritually fulfilled life and the practical steps to get there.

Discover a comprehensive set of tools to use every day, but a deep understanding of spiritually and how consciousness evolves.


Negative Thoughts
Logic Of The Heart
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Learn to enflame your Life with more Compassion

Hearthought will bring you an understanding and practice of a meaningful, fulfilling Life based on your Heart.

Put Heart into your Inner Life,
Put Heart into your Outer Life
Put Heart into the World


Specialising in Heart Logic Techniques for over two decades!

Bring balance back into your life

Using our tried and tested techniques

Skills which will transform your life

How you work, what you do and what you will achieve

Access your creativity & intuition

Through techniques such as Theory U and Hearthought

Discover these 9 Tips to combat those negative thoughts about yourself

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Welcome! I'm Colin

I'm a intuitive, spiritual and transformational life coach.

 I've been specialising in Heart Logic techniques for over two decades.

At Hearthought, our techniques are tried and tested to ensure you are able to bring balance back into your life - a sense of calm, heart-based stillness.

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"I felt free to make up my own mind."

Almut Wooland

  • Have a need to silence the pain within, even if you did not realise it is there?
  • Are you asking yourself about the meaning of life?  What is your place in life and society?
  • Feeling that life is limited and you want to do something more meaningful and fulfilling?
  • Find yourself looking around for a more spiritual direction but don’t identify with pictures of unfamiliar Goddesses or incense?
  • Want something more structured and practical?

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Oct 29, 2020

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Oct 28, 2020

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Oct 27, 2020

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